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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shanghai Gold Exchange Raises Gold Margins causing gold prices to drop $150

The Shanghai Gold Exchange said on Tuesday that it will raise trading margins on three gold spot-deferred contracts to 12 percent starting on Friday to limit trading risks following the rapid rally in gold prices.The CME has raised margin requirements for gold twice this year, once in January and once in early August, by 11% and 22% respectively. The moves did little to stem gold's rally. A week after the margin hikes in January gold was down just 2% and a week after the August hike gold was up 1.5%.Gold pulled back to as low as $1745 this morning before re-bouncing 35 dollars Many experts think, that any dips will be met with strong buying and help curb a deeper correction.Don not panic just do what Bob Chapman always recommends use the dips as God's given opportunities to buy as much physical gold as you can , this rally is not even started , the gold prices are very likely to touch the $3000 mark before 2012

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