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Friday, September 9, 2011

Gaddafi sold 20% of Libyas Gold reserves before leaving

Azzouz Qasim the Libyan central bank governor Revealed Tuesday that the Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime has sold in the last days before its collapse 20% of the gold reserves, equal to 29 tons of gold. Mr Azzouz told a news conference in Tripoli that gold sold was worth 1.7 billion dinars (1.47 billion dollars), It was sold in dinars in last April / May to traders within Libya to pay off staff salaries and to provide liquidity in the capital, The Bank officials say the gold sold may have found its way to neighboring countries such as Tunisia and others. The former Libyan Central Bank Governor Farhat Bin Guidara said last month that Gaddafi will try to sell a portion of the Libyan gold reserves to pay for protection and create chaos among the tribes in Libya. Bin Guidara told the Italian Corriere della Sera that there are in Tripoli reserves of gold worth ten billion dollars, and may be Gaddafi took some of them, and he pointed out that supporters of Gaddafi offered 25 tons of gold on his banker friend a short time ago. Azzouz confirmed that none of the assets of the Central Bank, whether or not gold that was not exposed to theft, and that what Gaddafi took was not from the coffers of the central bank, adding that the total cash reserves of the Bank of Libya are approximately $ 115 billion, ninety billion of which there are abroad According to the World Gold Council statistics for the past month, Libya Gold reserves are about 143.8 tons, equivalent to 5.6% of the total world Gold reserves .

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