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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mike Maloney : Ben Bernanke is dumber than Gold

Mike Maloney on the Keiser Report with Max Keiser 03 Sept 2011 : I said before that Ben Bernanke is dumber than Gold , Gold automatically balances interest rates it balances currency inflows and outflows trading balances this is something that did not take a group of men trying to figure these things out , what we have got is a monetary system that is a Ponzi scheme it steals wealth from the middle class and transfers that wealth to the government and the banking sector these people got to ride for free because what they are doing by printing more currency and diluting the currency supply all the time and this is what zero interest rate will do it will expand the currency supply when they do this it dilutes the currency supply and causes the purchasing power to go down , people call it inflation , it is actually the dollar losing purchasing power , so basically he is on path of destroying the dollar ...

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