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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eric Sprott, the silver paper market have lost any touch with the physical market

Eric Sprott, Financial Sense NewsHour 19 Oct 2011 : The Markets have made gold the de facto reserve currency , there are two markets for silver there is the physical market and there is the paper market and I found it almost ludicrous that when silver was close to 50 dollars an ounce then we would have days between London and China and New York when we trade a billion ounces of paper silver in a day and the world only produces 900 million a year rather than thinking about the guy who is buying it think about the guy who is selling it , somebody hit the sell button to sell a billion ounces of silver and of course without having any possibility of providing none of that silver because it is just not available , the amount that is available today is a million and a half ounces of silver for investment per day meanwhile some guy is selling a billion ounces by hitting a computer key

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