All the Gold ever extracted is 160,000 tons (in 2009) , The American Debt = 14 Trillion Dollars = 1.8 All the Gold ever extracted in Human History !!! The monetary mass in the US is increasing by 15% a year ! Total gold divided by people in the world gives each of us 23 grams
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mike Maloney : When Money Dies

In this video excerpt from the Casey Research/Sprott Summit presentation entitled When Money Dies, Rich Dad advisor Michael Maloney , explains how money is created out of thin air , how it is all a gigantic scam a pyramid scheme , Actually a bank can do more than just loaning $90 of $100 deposit. They can create $900 in checkbook money on top of that initial $100 deposit, giving them $100 in cash, $900 loan asset, and $1,000 deposit liability. The $100 still covers their 10% reserve requirement, see? , Great presentation. Should be titled, 'Between Rock and Hard Thing'. Stop Debt addiction, face collapse. Borrow more, face inevitable and worse collapse. If this doesn't sound exactly like a drug habit...Mike Maloney really explained it so well.

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