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Friday, November 11, 2011

Doug Casey : Gold is the ideal form of money

Doug Casey, founder and chairman of Casey Research Institute, interviewed James Turk of GoldMoney Foundation " (technology cannot replace Gold ) that's because money is a store of value and technology is not a store of value because it evolves so quickly , today's technology could be worthless next year ....and it's a medium of exchange and technology does not work that way either, look Aristotle gave the five reasons in the forth century BC , he defined the five characteristics of good money , durable divisible convenient consistent have value in of itself , so it has to be durable , that's why we do not use wheat for money has to be divisible that's why we do not use artwork for money it has to be convenient that's why we do not use steal for money , it has to be consistent that's why we do not use real estate for money , it has to have some kind of use value which is why or should not use paper as money , it can't be created out of thin air and out of the 92 naturally occurring elements GOLD is the uniquely suitable for use as money " Doug Casey says

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