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Saturday, January 14, 2012

James Turk : Gold soon over $2000/oz

James Turk : “With regard to gold and silver themselves, I think we’ve seen the low for the year. I think we’re going to clear $2,000oz. on gold before too long and I think $100 silver is quite reasonable. Something over $2,000oz. this year seems likely, and something over $50oz. perhaps as high as $100 per oz. on silver seems to me the most reasonable course...The mining stocks are still on the runway [ready for takeoff]. The runway is this trading range they’ve been in for the last couple years now…Eventually they’re going to break out of these trading ranges to the upside, and they’re going to take off. Hopefully it’s going to be the first quarter of this year because I’m expecting much higher prices on both gold and silver as we work our way to the end of the first quarter.” - in a Bull Market Thinking recent interview

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