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Friday, January 13, 2012

The Junior Mining Companies to become the Hottest Market sector

Adrian Fleming President and CEO of Smash Minerals (TSX-V:SSH) , thinks that the Junior Mining Companies to become the Hottest Market sector .Adrian Fleming, discusses the results from the past year's program and what zones of their Whiskey Project that they are targeting for 2012's program. Smash Minerals is a TSX.V listed gold exploration company with a large claim block in the White Gold District, Yukon, Canada. The first full season of exploration has been completed including a short core drill program. Several targets identified this year need additional work and drilling which will be carried out in 2012. Smash is committed to undertaking cost effective gold exploration using the best methods, by capable experienced people & consultants equipped with the best tools. We value every employee and emphasize a safe working environment. Our programs minimally impact the environment and we foster the support of the community with which we interact. We strive to make exploration breakthroughs which will bring value to all shareholders.

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