All the Gold ever extracted is 160,000 tons (in 2009) , The American Debt = 14 Trillion Dollars = 1.8 All the Gold ever extracted in Human History !!! The monetary mass in the US is increasing by 15% a year ! Total gold divided by people in the world gives each of us 23 grams
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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gold & Silver Prices Plunge In One Hour Following Bernanke Comments - 2/29/2012

Gold and Silver prices plummeted today the reasons according to me are government speculation of the market , it makes no sense a $100 dollars drop in gold prices in few seconds it does not follow any market logic this is speculation at its best , but Big AL says the reasons are to find in the warren buffet recent letter to his Berkshire Hathaway share holders , Warren Buffet does not like diversification and he does not think that gold is an investment

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