All the Gold ever extracted is 160,000 tons (in 2009) , The American Debt = 14 Trillion Dollars = 1.8 All the Gold ever extracted in Human History !!! The monetary mass in the US is increasing by 15% a year ! Total gold divided by people in the world gives each of us 23 grams
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Gold to $2000 an ounce in 2nd Half - James Steel

" In the near term ( the dollar ) is over shadowing the safe heaven aspect for Gold " says James Steel, Chief Commodities Analyst, HSBC, he believes that the long run bull market for gold remains intact. He discusses where the demand for the precious metal will likely come from this year."last year we had well over 400 tons central banks official sectors purchases , which makes the central banks the second largest purchasers of gold after the jewellery " most central banks are underweight gold and they will tend to diversify by purchasing more gold he explains , so it is very bullish for the gold prices this year ....He expects to see gold at $2000/oz in the second half of this year

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