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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts Explains US Government Gold Market Rigging

One on One with Paul Craig Roberts Assistant Treasury Secretary Paul Craig Roberts Explains US Government Rigging of Gold Prices and Gold Price Suppression Schemes .Roberts doesn't go far enough though by suggesting that regulation of derivatives is part of the problem. By doing so, he empowers the same power elite of "same as it ever was". No mention of currency supply in comparison with the organic supply of bullion and its intrinsic characteristics with real economy. If we need liquidity without adding to debt, all we (the people) have to do is circulate bullion. It's a grass roots project, not an elite one ! Follow the script. They are by carrying the stick.

Greece is insolvent. Spain just got a big bank bailout, and Ireland wants a new bailout deal. There has been plenty of calamitous news surrounding the European debt crisis. No matter how bad it looks in the EU, Paul Craig Roberts says the problems in Europe are "nowhere near as big as the ones here." The U.S. is printing massive amounts of money to paper over the mess, but it won't work. Roberts says a collapse of the U.S. dollar could happen at any moment. It could be triggered by any number of things such as war or a derivatives meltdown. When a former Assistant Treasury Secretary (under the Reagan Administration) and a PhD in economics sounds the alarm bell, people should take cover. Dr. Roberts says, "The cliff dive we are experiencing in housing isn't over," and precious metals prices are "being suppressed." Roberts says, "Gold prices should be rising. Why? Because the debt is rising." What is the reason why Dr. Roberts thinks the suppression game has gotten so intense? Dr. Roberts says, "The fact that they are driving the price down suggests to me the situation is getting more desperate." Greg Hunter of interviews Paul Craig Roberts one on one about these subjects and more.

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