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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gold: Rattle Snake Investing with Marin Katusa of Casey Research

Marin Katusa: Ten years? Well usually when I do my personal investments, I like to go for five to seven years. I’ll tell you the story of when I started Copper Mountain team. I found these great guys, Jim O’Rourke and Rod Shier. That’s my number one rule is finding amazing people who are willing to write big checks themselves. At the time I had a five year plan to put this into production. Well we hit the five years, and I realized that I had to rewrite my five years, and I’m coming onto ten years. So that’s actually not a ridiculous time frame, so there’s a company I’ve almost been involved for ten years. So I think you start with people. Great people. And that’s what this conference is about, the map room table is investing in great people. So what I’ve recently done is I’ve bought more BRI because of Amir Adnani, I truly think that this guy in twenty years is gonna be exactly what people are talking about Robert Friedland today. I know Robert Friedland well, I met him through Doug, it’s Doug’s best friend. So I’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to all these big legends early on, get to know them and figure out that there’s patterns to success. So I would definitely invest in the right people. Another one is PRD Energy with Michael Greenwood. These are the right type of people. Here’s a guy that wrote $11 million dollar check and has basically said “I’m going to finance the next 18 months myself.” And he’s putting another 20 million dollars into his company. You follow the right people, the Lukas Lundin’s, the Keith Hill’s, the Robert Friedland’s, the Rick Rule’s. The key to success if you’re going to go ten years, look the commodity prices are going to change, the politics in these jurisdictions change, but if you find great people, they’re gonna figure out where to go for success.

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