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Friday, October 11, 2013

Jeff Christian : We Could See Gold Prices Higher

We Could See Gold Prices Higher -- CPM Group's Jeff Christian on Kitco News

Kitco News brings back Commodities Confidential with CPM Group's Managing Director, Jeffrey Christian. Daniela Cambone gets his take on the U.S. government shutdown, the approaching debt limit and what this all means for gold & silver. According to Christian, the markets are now dealing with the government shutdown, and although it is not propelling higher prices, these events are shaking the confidence of investors around the world. "The debt ceiling talks are much more important and critical," Christian says. "The U.S. government credit rating runs the risk of being downgraded, if not officially by credit agencies, then by the broader market on a de facto basis. I think that's the real risk we're facing." With regards to the metals, Christian says we could see higher gold prices. Tune in now to hear what he has to say on the precious metals markets. Kitco News, October 11, 2013.

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