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Monday, November 25, 2013

"Mining Pitch" with Stuart Ross, President & CEO of El Tigre Silver Corp

El Tigre Silver Corp. President/CEO, Stuart Ross, discusses El Tigre's recent developments & upcoming catalysts. El Tigre Silver currently owns 100% of 9 mining concessions, 8 comprising 21,500 hectares (215 square kilometres) located in the Sierra El Tigre, northeastern Sonora State in Mexico.

El Tigre's business plan has two key components. The first is building a processing facility to recover silver and gold from a large tailings pile and the second is to explore and develop a large disseminated gold and silver zone associated with the El Tigre vein system.

The tailings are a result of 35 years of production at the original El Tigre mine. The company's objective from this project is to provide revenue for future drilling programs, develop infrastructure for future mining and develop in-house production experience.
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