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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

OUTLOOK 2014 - Sierra's Silver Lining: Cusi Mine To Drive Growth

Kitco News' kicks off its "Mining Minutes" Outlook 2014 series with Thomas Robyn, VP of exploration with Sierra Metals, to get his take on the mining industry. "Everybody will be cutting costs," Robyn says. "Without exploration [though], you do not have projects come into the pipeline that end up going out producing cash as an operating mine." Robyn says the biggest issue miners are facing in the coming year is that investors are pulling away from the commodities space so it is difficult for these companies to raise capital. "We are spending a lot of money on exploration and development," Robyn says. "Big growth for Sierra is from [its] Cusi [mine] and it is predominantly silver growth," he adds. Robyn also expects to see increases in copper production for the coming year for Sierra. Tune in now to hear his outlook for the industry in 2014. Kitco News, December 11, 2013

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