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Monday, July 20, 2015

Why Gold prices fell this morning - 20th July 2015 - by Illuminati Silver

Spot gold fell to as low as $1,083 in Asian trade at about 2.25am BST with gold losing over 4% of its value in just a few minutes as five tonnes of gold were sold through the Shanghai Gold Exchange in the opening half hour - marking its lowest price since November 2009.

Since its peak in 2011 gold has lost nearly 40% of its value and is currently trading at $1110 as we speak.

There are a number of potential reasons for this rapid ‘sell off’ which includes:

The Sale already mentioned through the Shanghai Gold Exchange

The threat of US interest rate rise – as announced again by Janet Yellen last week is maintaining dollar strength and downward pressure on Gold and Silver

The near term resolution of the Greek crisis with their banks having re-opened today has reduced the safe haven premium of gold

The People’s Bank of China stating on Friday that it owns just 1658 tonnes of gold as opposed to the 3500 tonnes analysts expected; - and some 10,000 – 20,000 tonnes less than some of the ‘pumpers’ have predicted.

The World Gold Council which announced the first quarter results in May 2015 showed that year on year gold demand was down approximately 1% and mine supply was up 1%. So even at lower gold prices, both demand and supply are little affected.

With gold sentiment amongst Western investors being historically low and the world still in economic recession or deflation, we still see little preventing both the gold and silver prices declining further unless a significant ‘black swan event’ were to occur.
Today’s fall and recovery shows how volatile the precious metals market can be which is why we try to avoid making weekly predictions and prefer to highlight the directional trend in which they are heading.

A final comment, for those who predict that silver prices are bound to sky rocket because the gold to silver ratio is well above the historic average. Our advice is do not forget that this balance could also be corrected by the gold price falling compared to silver – so this euphoric jump need not happen at all.

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