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Saturday, March 19, 2011

David Morgan on The Asian Demand for Gold and Silver

David Morgan and John Doody on The Asian Demand for Gold and Silver - Financial Sense Newshour Mar/18/2011
China has been stockpiling gold since 2003 China has been buying via government channels from South Africa, Russia and South America . China is the world's largest gold producer and does not permit exports of gold ingots, only jewelery, leaving plentiful supplies for the domestic market.China produced 282 tonnes of gold last year,Investment demand in China rose to 68.9 tonnes from 25.6 tonnes in 2007. But that was still less than one third of retail demand in India, where total bullion consumption topped 660 tonnes last year.

Asian demand for silver is still strong and further physical silver shortage could develop.China and its people are getting richer. They have high savings rate which enables them to invest in production and buy gold, silver and other commodities.
As Chinese people getting richer they will want to increase their standards of living. They will create demand for electronics and other consumer goods.As we know it's impossible to make iphone or TV without silver.Silver is the best electricity conductor.There is a lot of potential for high silver demand.Around 20% of World's population lives in China.

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