All the Gold ever extracted is 160,000 tons (in 2009) , The American Debt = 14 Trillion Dollars = 1.8 All the Gold ever extracted in Human History !!! The monetary mass in the US is increasing by 15% a year ! Total gold divided by people in the world gives each of us 23 grams
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jim Rogers : Gold will be the great investment over the next decade

Jim Rogers says gold will be a great investment over the next decade as it is expected to test USD 2000 per ounce .Gold is more than just another commodity, it’s a currency. It is THE currency that has been the foundation of every worthwhile economy on the planet for over 5,000 years.Depression is coming and paper will be worthless.Physical gold is alot higher than COMEX.Perth(Australia) has now stopped taking orders until January.GOLD IS A CURRENCY!!!!

'Paper' gold is just as safe as a stock, 'electronic' gold is even less safe. Neither will be available to trade when the dollar collapses.

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