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Monday, March 14, 2011

Geopolitical factors and The Weak Dollar have contributed To heat up the Gold and Silver prices

Unrest in the middle east and north Africa , Geopolitical events, oil prices skyrocketing, the Greek crisis, the weak dollar, all these factors are pushing up the prices of gold and silver which are hitting all time records , The Fear of inflationary growth fueled demand for safe-haven investment , analysts and manufacturers expect further price rises, especially if the crisis gets worse in Libya and expand to other countries • Gold and silver continue their rally in the wake of tensions and violence in the Middle East and North Africa. At the second London fixing the yellow metal has updated the highs climbing to $ 1437.5 per ounce, in New York during the sitting Gold futures hit a peak of $ 1,445, then downsized slightly. Also in London, silver jumped more than 6% up to 36.6 U.S. dollars an ounce, a level never seen in the last years. a number of factors have contributed To heat up the gold prices, , particularly the geopolitical situation. In recent weeks the gold (and silver) is in fact confirmed as a safe haven by excellence in the light of fears of inflationary growth, fueled by continued increases in oil prices - the prices recently reached their maximum of two and a half years driven by fears of an escalation of clashes in Libya and a possible domino effect in countries such as Bahrain or Saudi Arabia - and the difficult economic situation in some European countries, first of all Greece, whose ratings were downgraded yesterday by Moody's. Add to this also the weakness of the dollar, which yesterday again lost ground against the euro due to expectations of a more aggressive monetary POLICIES by the European Central Bank than the U.S. Fed. But that's not all. The demand for gold, not only for investment remains strong, especially in Asia and the prices are at record (in the respective currencies) in India and Japan. And the predictions are for further rises. Recently JP Morgan analysts during a conference in Toronto, estimated for this year to an average price of $ 1,465 an ounce. Similar expectations also of Anglo-Gold Ashanti - the world third largest gold miner - which provides for much higher prices this year of the current. HSBC Global Asset Management to throw water on the fire instead. The prices - they say - are already very high and for the future, especially to protect against any acceleration in inflation, it might be better to focus on other things, such as shares or other commodities (maybe oil) with highest growth potential. this also apply to silver, whose prices are rising much faster than gold, a race report confirmed by the gold / silver ratio which yesterday dropped below fourth for the first time since February 1998. With gold prices moving upward, the silver is well positioned to do more some analyst believe. The growing demand for investment (for silver and other precious metals). I think the fundamentals of the sector give grounds for further price rises, although we may see a setback in the short term.

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