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Monday, March 14, 2011

What Gold investment is best for you?

Gold investment
What investment in gold is best for you?
Gold creates a real passion now. To take advantage of the gold rally several options are available . But beware: any form of investment does not suit everyone.
Since the bursting of the financial crisis, demand for gold as an investment is rising again. This growing popularity is also reflected in the figures compiled by the World Gold Council, an advocacy organization in the gold sector. In 2008, total world demand for gold as an investment (bullion, coins and ETFs) has reached $ 24 billion, an increase of 10 billion from the previous year. The trend continues since then . In late September, demand for gold as an investment accounted for 43 billion dollars. And the counter never stops turning. There are no accurate statistics for any country let alone for the whole world , but a survey of the major banks tells us that investors worldwide are rediscovering gold as an investment and a safe heaven. Rising demand pushes gold prices to their highs. All time records have been reached and it never stops some analysts say Gold could go as far as $2000 $5000 or even $15000 and $50000 . This week the gold price has reached 1,440 dollars. Compared to the potential of gold prices, opinions diverge. Some analysts believe that the ceiling has already been reached, others see the metal move towards $ 2,000 or more this year. But these projections are interesting as more speculators enter the market. But the average Investor should only care on how to protect his assests from an ever falling dollar . Investment in gold can be accomplished in different ways and each one provides a different investment profile.

* Gold Mining Shares : The shares of gold mines are for the aggressive investor anticipation of an upturn after the crisis. "Leverage is important in the gold market. "When the gold was up 100%, the gold mines are assessed by 300%! However, investors should keep an eye on costs and worry about the political stability of the region where the mine is located, .
* ETFs : ETFs are index funds that reflect the changing price of gold. With each purchase, equivalent in physical gold is bought and placed in a vault in the bank. "Rumors say that gold is physically but not always covered by futures, options and insurance. If several operators had the bad idea of ​​committing malpractice in deliveries, these products would collapse, . According to experts, ETFs are good for investors who wish to speculate on short-term price movements of gold.
* Bullion : Buy bullion and gold coins and keep them in a trunk: now even the simplest way to invest in gold. These ingots and coins can be bought and sold in several banks or traditional banks specific gold. The physical gold suits investors seeking defensive protection of their investment portfolio.

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