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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bill Murphy : Silver Shorts are in panic

Bill Murphy of GATA Goldseek radio interview 14 Apr 2011

Bill Murphy they (JP Morgan ) do not have the physical silver to deliver against their short positions they are trapped and they will likely have a panic ,....according to Bill Murphy the real spectacular demand for silver is going to come from investors rather than from the industrial demand because gold becoming mre and more expensive a lot of people can't afford it , so the poorman's gold becoming ever more important and people are starting to pour into silver because they cannot afford Gold the silver gold ratio could shoot to ten to one according to Eric Sprott , the shorts are trapped and JP Morgan they played this derivative game on the short side and what happened now is that they hit the wall , they do not have the physical silver to deliver and the longs know it and that's why these silver rallies are very brief and the market comes right back again "we have a panic coming and it could come at any time "

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