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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Clients want Physical Gold says CEO of Swiss Precious Metals

Jean-Francois Pages, CEO of Swiss Precious Metals, says clients have become aware of insolvency risk after 2008, increasing demand for physical storage of gold .the difference is between holding tangible gold or paper asset where you have only a claim after 2008 crisis most of the clients are aware of the insolvency risks of the system and have developed a mistrust of paper currency and fiat money ...
he calls his kind of storage a very special segregated storage , where clients are sure to have their precious metals stored and with no double ownership and a guarantee they they can have their metals anytime they ask for them his price are 1 percent per anum of the market value of the gold that is deposited and these fees also include complete insurance coverage , Jean also says that he does not deal with silver as the value of silver makes it not interesting in terms of storage ...

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