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Friday, May 6, 2011

The COMEX manipulating the silver Market

The COMEX manipulating the silver Market , The CME increased margins 5 times! this is forcing investors to sell , they raised margin requirements from $9000 to $21000 in five days ! there is no small investor that can handle that so they are all wiped out ,Guys like George Soros and Carlos Slim are dumping paper, not real. They never had any to begin with....Its all just blips on a screen and some day soon, we will hold the worlds real wealth....

We must remember the drop in the silver price in 2008 from $21 to $9. That drop was a higher percentage than the one we have currently experienced. Like the increase we have seen from $9 to almost $50, imagine the increase we will see from say $30?!?!? I think the paper is easier to track than physical. In the physical world, premiums are getting higher, many online dealers are running low on the popular coins. As far as suggestions, everyone has their favorites, you can buy government mint coins at a slightly higher premium, or you can just buy generic rounds as long as it's at least .999 silver. Most of us seem to go with Silver Eagles and Canadian Maples, but you're good as long as it's pure silver. And junk silver.

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