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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jim Cramer : Gold is a currency not a commodity

Jim Cramer : Silver Silver Silver that's all anybody seems to be interested in everywhere i go. it's the hot button on twitter @jimcramer. holy cow, check that out. it was the major focus of panel i was in new york city last night about precious metals. it's what i hear in the street and it's in my e-mail box constantly. first, let me just say when it comes to precious metals, i like gold. I've liked gold for ages. and I'm not changing my posture now. i think it's a currency, not a commodity. thing is a demand and not enough supply. when demand soars, particularly from central banks. we learned mexico is buying. while supplies stay the same, prices go through the roof. you know my order preference. i like bullion the most, then the gld, the gold etf, what it trades at. and only after that would i go for the stocks of the gold minors. my favorite is goldcorp gg for you home gamers. we heard from last night. a good story. since i like gold, i haven't felt the need to get behind silver because as my friend tom caplan, a legendary metal investor put it silver is gold on steroids. I've got enough problem with the volatility of gold whom. needs silver. you disagree? look at the monumental collapse in this metal. silver is a poor man's gold with industrial exposure they don't need at this point in the cycle. even worse, silver has been overrun by day traders using ETFs. and that makes it too hard to game or even speculate on where the price will be a day from now, let alone a week or a month or year. so my bottom line on bimetallism is this. i like gold. silver is too hot to handle. i'm simply taking a pass. stick with gold. don't crucify your portfolio on a cross of silver. stick with Cramer.

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