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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

David Morgan explains the Dip in Gold and Silver

David Morgan, founder of, says that there is so much uncertainty right now , one of the rating agencies in China questioning the viability of US Debt , this is the type of things that are going on on a global basis David Morgan says 99% of the population of the world does not know or understand the Gold story and so they go to what they think it is the safest which is cash in their local currency or may be the US Dollar . David Morgan thinks that the end of QE3 by the 30th of this month is Bernanke's way of testing the gold market and measuring inflationary fears , David thinks that Bernanke will put a deflationary scare into the global market place to see what is the gold reaction going to be , what he is doing is withdrawing a lot of liquidity from the markets to see if there is a bigger demand for US dollars and less demand for gold David Morgan explains ...

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