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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fort Knox Gold Fake or Real ?

Dr. Ron Paul calls for an audit of the Gold in Fort Knox to be tested and counted ,
is the gold in ft. knox fake? is it tungsten plated or is it real gold ? well congressman Ron Paul wants to know. Has the u.s. government secretly sold off the stockpile and replaced it with metal bars that are painted gold? ron paul wants to find out. the congressman is demanding the administration audit the purity of the gold bars in ft. Knox. he shares the house's subcommittee on the monetary policy and repeatedly called for a return to the gold standard. paul introduced a bill in april calling for the gold to be counted and now he is asking officials to testify at a hearing next week on june 23rd about the authenticity of the gold in Fort Knox . it will cost about $15 million to test all the nation's gold. 30 minutes a bar or 350,000 man hours. it would take 400 people working for six hours. the u.s. mint claims to audit the gold annually.

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