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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gold mining Stocks are very undervalued - James Turk

James Turk : we trade gold mining stocks in term of dollars or Euros but they are producing gold they are producing wealth and what will happen is the same thing that happened with stocks that produce commodities in countries that have hyperinflation , the prices of those shares will rise , because what would you rather do have your Reichs Marks setting in a bank earning a little bit of interest or would you rather own a mining company denominated in Reich's Marks , the same thing is true in Zimbabwe their mining companies prices of shares rose because you better off owning an equity in a company that creates wealth so if we do get this hyper inflationary system as I expect I think the price of the mining shares will soar thing the market does is it always tests our patience and we are seeing that now with the mining shares but you have to put this in the perspective the last bull market in a mining share ended in 1998 with the collapse of Reax ? we went into a ten year bear market when after the Lehman collapse even top quality mining companies the big majors were going for pennies in the dollar that was the end of the bear market we've come up since then we have been trading basically at new highs on the major companies the juniors always follow at a later date ....

James Turk and Bill Murphy of GATA explain how gold mining stocks are very undervalued and can rise spectacularly as the precious metals bull market continues. This video was recorded on 29 April 2011 in Munich, Germany.

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