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Friday, September 30, 2011

Gold Prices May Rebound to $2,000 Ounce

Gijsbert Groenewegen a precious metals hedge funds manager says that this is a great opportunity to keep accumulating Gold and Silver, when the market gets very panicky they sell everything off and they go for cash and treasuries he says because that's the largest market where you can park your money , but from a fundamental point of view the dollar and the treasuries are no better than the sovereign debt in Europe he added This is a great opportunity to accumulate more gold and silver he says , there are a lot of buyers waiting at the side lines to pick up gold and silver ...the reason why silver has taken such a hit on the downside is because it is also an industrial metal , on the way down it acts like an industrial metal and on the way up it acts like a precious metal and that's why we see a lot more volatility ....nothing has changed over time the only thing that has changed is the perception that the Europeans are doing something to fix the problems but they are not doing anything to solve the problems , they are just postponing what wil happen in three months or six months or whatever but it will happen they will have to default

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